My Publications

Digital Resources, a resource for project development in the Digital Humanities


An American Spectacle: College Mascots and the Performance of Tradition


Digging into Data Using New Collaborative Infrastructures Supporting Humanities-based Computer Science Research”, First Monday 16 (5): May 2011. Co-Authored with Michael Simeone, Rob Kooper, and Peter Bajcsy.

“Creating Tradition and Defining “Indianness”, Studies in Symbolic Interaction 34 (London: Emerald Group Publishing, 2010). Edited anthology by Norman Denzin and C. Richard King.

“Chasing Objectivity? Critical Reflections on History, Identity, and the Public Performance of Indian Mascots.” (Cultural Studies<=>Critical Methodologies, special issue on Research Acts, edited by Michael Giardina.)

“Questioning Indians on the Field: Native Americans, Sports Mascots, and the Education of Whiteness.” (Publication Pending, edited by C.L. Cole and Adrian Burgos.)


Gerald R. Gems, The Athletic Crusade: Sport and American Cultural Imperialism (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2006.) Material Culture 41 (2): Fall 2009, pg. 71- 74.

Michael F. Brown, Who Owns Native Culture? (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2004.) Material Culture for the Pioneer American Society.

John Cimprich, Fort Pillow, A Civil War Massacre and Public Memory (Baton Rouge, LA: Louisiana State University, 2005.) Material Culture and Pioneer America Society Transactions 31:2008 for the Pioneer American Society.

Jeffrey Powers-Beck, The American Indian Integration of Baseball (Lincoln, NE: University of Nebraska Press, 2004.) H-Arete for the Sport Literature Association.

Teaching Materials

Co-author, Test Bank and Instructor’s Resource Manual, in The People: A History of Native America, authored by Dr. Frederick Hoxie, R. David Edmunds, and Neil Salisbury.


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